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Natural Art of Healing


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These books have fantastic info!!

And Alkalife is what I need for my coffee!

by Gloria E. 

That reader told me that my Chakras are in perfect balance and said there is only one person who can do it here. 

I pointed at you and said "her!"

by Ginny

What a lovely lady!

by Barbara C. 

Hi Sun!  

It was awesome seeing you again! 
I'm also glad I got to receive some work from you.  I felt significantly different and better from before and after the work.  
It was very positive for me! Definitely healing.  
I had missed your call because I usually have work all day and school until 10 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Thank you for texting me though.  

by Michell.

Hi Sun,

How are you too! I am doing good thank you.

Actually I am glad that you ask for feedback because it feels very strong, your energy, every time you worked on well as the rest of the people but I can tell that you have had a lot of practice already.

Thank you so much for your healing and Qi, very well done...

I will see you next time.

by Claudia.

Thank you Sun!

Ever since then, my 92 years old mother talks about you all the time at the Nursing home where she now is recovering from the surgery for cancer. 

She wanted to thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you again. 

Her worries and feeling downs had been lifted.

She is very well now and thank YOU very much.

by Jose.

Thank you for wonderful loving and caring blessing work on me.

I have been in many stressed situations with my daughter but I feel all different now.
Thank you for relaxing gentle techniques to ease and remove the weight from my mind and heart.

by Sheila.

 Thank you for the good feeling. 

You will hear from me soon! 

by Gail.

Sun Very sweet person, lovely, helpful person. 

by Irene H.

We love Sun Yoo's Senior Stress Free Yoga.

Thank you. 



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