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Natural Art of Healing

Schedule of Services

Qi(Energy) Healing

Helps to achieve body, mind and spiritual cleansing and regain pure healing energy and strength. It could be conducted with some hands on massage elements. Clinets will be guided to opening energy channels during the therapy, if deserved. 


Dear Sun ya! 
You are the best. I felt so enlightened, so much love, bright and warmness!!! 
Thank you for your blessed healing hands from the Divine and Blessings! 
By Lidiya.


Swedish Bodywork/ Massage

To help release body, mind, emotional stress, and pain to create a feeling of comfort.
Some Additional applications of lotion, hot stone, music, and cupping can be selected per clients' preference. Clients will be fully covered.

Child Massage

This unconditional love energy channel massage is powerful experience for children who have gone through trauma, illness, and recovering pure love touch. Children can bring their own favorate music, toys and other comforts.

Stress-Free Yoga

Experience a mixture of calming meditation and active relaxing movements in some forms of Tae Kwon Do/Dance and Qigong (Energy Movement).

Senior Yoga

Chair exercise. This class is designed to promote blood circulation, joint flexibility, and relaxation with calming music.

Warriors Breathing

This is a guided Pranayama breathing practice with the teacher’s voice and music. This powerful breathing is beneficial for many health issues. Anyone with ongoing health concerns requires pre consultation.


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