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Natural Art of Healing


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My experience with Sun was excellent.  The cleaning session was very helpful and powerful! 

Not only she is a great healer, but she is also an excellent intuitive counselor as well.

-Yew Wai

My session with Sun was more than I expected.  I felt a great sense of relief, grounding and connectedness during and after.  It rejuvenated me and allowed me to feel more in alignment and more connected with myself.  It was emotionally moving and I highly recommend Sun and her technique.

Mandy B.

I know that the client and her entire family were blessed to have your healing energy and calm presence with them last night as they are dealing with your client’s illness and probable passing.  

I’m sure Spirit is very pleased with your commitment to Spiritual Hospice work, and I’m honored to know you!  

Thank you for all you do!

Anne Reith, Ph.D., Orange, CA

I met Sun at the Conscious Life Expo. We only spoke briefly because she was in a workshop, and I was helping to facilitate for the speakers. However, she asked me a question, and so much light was shining from her face that she seemed like an angel. We talked for just a minute, and then she gave me a hug.


There are no words that can describe how great it was. I’ve never experienced anything like it. My whole body was filled with warmth and energy. It was only later that I learned that she called them “Soul Hugs.”  Anyone who does any kind of energy work with Sun will have a very special experience.


                                                     -George Z-

Hello Sun,
What I  experienced was being in the Presence of Unconditional Love and it was wonderful. 
Thank you.

Daniel Gilbert


The treatment you provided was very effective and helped me deal with a problem I had experienced that day.  

I hope to stop by the healing fair tomorrow. 



Trav Williams

I could feel energy coming in and out.  

I felt lighter.

Head felt tingly.

When I opened my eyes it was brighter and stress free. 

Dulce Montijo

I had a powerful loving experience. 

I felt  my heart and 3rd eye chakra open, and saw many dancing white lights with my eyes closed. 

Sun is very compassionate and a true healer.  During our session I moved through deep emotional spaces and was left with a feeling of peace and bliss. 

Ryan Miller, Yoga Teacher

The new energy made me laugh and clear so much of the dense energy.

 I love it!


Jessie Chiang,  Consciousness Mastery Practitioner, Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor, and Energy Worker

Very Effective. I could feel the bad Chi go away.  Thank you, Sun

Rose Ting


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