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Natural Art of Healing


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I met Gesun Yoo a short time ago and have spent some time with her. She is a very caring lady. One special day we were alone and I was going through some rough times in my past. My husband had passed away and there were a lot of family issues that were very hard on me. As we talked I broke down and cried. I guess I had not let go of the pass and seemed like I cried over everything. She asked if she could work on me and she had just told me about her work and what it was about. I told her anything to stop making me feel like this. As she worked on me she told me to close my eyes and about how to breath. After awhile it was so strange. It was like pictures of my life flashed somewhere between middle of the eye areas. As it was happening I new these were things I was letting go of and the tears were running down my cheecks. When it was over I was drained but a calmness came over me. Since then that part of my life no longer consumes me. Things seem to come to me that is good now. I know now I was blocking the good in my life with all the negative
Thank you Sun for helping me move forward

Tina Stanley

Hi Sun,
Thank you for the session I have never felt so relaxed, it seemed very spiritual, relaxing and peaceful. What you do is wonderful! I really enjoyed it!

Thank you.  You have such a kind and caring soul!! I can't thank you enough!



I appreciate the healing you gave me on Saturday.  

I felt my Kundalini rising as well a sense of calmness. 

Pain in my back has been less since. 

Blessings/ Namaste, 

David Tilove, Certified Oneness Facilitator

Yes, a very nice releasing, peace inducing experience feeling release of negativity and filling with Light and Bliss and Connection to the Divine - my 3rd eye was activated and I feel a closer and stronger connection to the Divine and Spirit's guidance. It made me laugh and saw visions. 

Thank you, Sun very much. 

John Valenzuela, Certified Oneness Blessing Facilitator


Learned self love is not being selfish - can't help others until I help myself. 

Relax/Me - Time daily, 

Breath out hurtful people & negativity, 

Breath in positive & new beginings, 

The Past is past. Live in the NOW.

Thank you very much Sun.



Thank you for expressing the Divine Energy.  The feelings of Light being expressed through the body was a unique experience.  I will always treasure it. 

Continue to express this Loving energy as the gift that you are. 

In Love & Light, 

Don Marr, Certified Oneness Blessing Facilitator and Author of "A Gateway to Higher Consciousness"; " My Father Calls Me"; "The Embodiment of GOD as a Whole".

The healing massage I received from Gesun Yoo consisted of Swedish Massage and Shiatsu treatment.
From the first moment I felt trust in the loving hands that brought relaxation - first to my shoulders and spine, then to my arms, to each foot and finally to my head and face. Finally a whole body release was applied to my hips and torso, and the peace-giving session was completed by a rest.
I had a welcome relaxation session in my own home after the day's work was over.
Thank you, Gesun.

Vanessa Underwood  BA, LGSM. Actress/Lecturer and Poet.

Founder of ‘ORPHEON VOICES –  bringing literature to life’in voice production for self-awareness and confidence.

It was lovely to see you too, SUNICHKA,
It is very angelic vibrations around you.
Thank you for sharing photos.
Have a great month.
See you soon.

by Liliya

Thanks Sun!  

It was wonderful to see you again as well!  

Every time I was going to come to talk to you I saw that you were with a client. Looked like you were busy!  

You have owned your gift.  I love it!  You're doing great!  

Sending Love & Light!

Linda Sheldon, Healer, Minister, Reiki Master Teacher


Sun is one of the most dedicated healers I have ever met. 

As part of my business as a teacher of the healing arts, I manage an email list of those willing to do distance healings for those in need.  

Whenever I send out a request, Sun is one of the first to respond.  

Her dedication to bringing healing energy to humanity is unparalleled.  

 Anne Reith, Ph.D., Orange, CA


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