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Natural Art of Healing


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I enjoyed the session. 

It was very relaxing and good for me! Thanks!

Lucil C.

This was a most wonderful experience and very relaxing.   

I want to come again. 

The teacher is excellent, and has a way that makes you feel comfortable, and at ease. 

Donna J.

Thank you for the class.   

This was my first Stress Free Yoga session, very relaxing and comfortable, different from another yoga class I did a few times. Try it you will like it. Looking forward to another.   " Sun" Yoo's best intentions are evident from the beginning to end. 

 by Judy S.      

It was a wonderful treatment. 

I feel so relaxed and loved. What a gift!

Ginny B.

I love how light & bright you are.

I hope your tips on food will continue to help me further.
Bonnie L.

Dear Sun ya!

You are the best. 

I felt so enlightened, so much love, bright and warmness!!! 

Thank you for your blessed healing hands from the Divine and Blessings!



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