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Natural Art of Healing

Welcome to my site.

I am so grateful for your visit. 

The “Truth” behind Sicknesses, Blessings and Healing has much to offer us to understanding with our open heart and minds.

One of my early years of hands–on was a witnesses to this Alternative Medicine and Metaphysical field.  It happened in my very early 20’s in Korea.  Naturally growing up in a rich culture of mind and spirit was bliss for me to begin with.  

In my 30 years of RN in the Western Medicine Field, I have met numerous inspiring nurses, medical doctors, co–workers and patients who opened their hearts and told me their life stories and struggles and courageous recoveries.  For many who did not have their recovery, I always sent my closing prayers for them.  As we know there is a continuing journey ahead for all of us. 

Later there was a life turning experience for me which required my sincere life observation and retraction of  my early years of studies, practices and teachings in Meditation, Qigong, Relaxation techniques, Taekwondo and Humanity work. 

I am so honored to have confirmations coming from my teachers, grandmasters, and spiritual counselors.    That is my life purpose and divine mission.  

This is my calling, to serve all humanity and you. 

My Mission:

To serve each of you who are open to these healing modalities to restore Health, Happiness, Spiritual Connections, and Joyful life on our individual life journey on Earth and beyond. 

My Healing Approach:

It is said as mainly when inner and outer negative energy is accumulated and had no release. That our correspondence between “Matter”, “Cell”, and ‘Energy” looses the balance thus sickness occurs.  Our depth of our sickness varies as the length of, intensity of the Energy unbalance.
Thus my treatment phase consists of three parts of Healing Process in first, break- through the layer of possessed negative energy thus removing individuals’ negative energy that has caused illness, pain, unhappiness, unhealthy thoughts.
Secondly, hands on & off work on the parts of body where it needs healing with prayers, chanting, medical qigong techniques that varies according to the character of illness and disease. 
Last, restoring positive healing energy through prayer and divine energy for continuity of healing process and protection. 

During the transitional phase when the client is able to participate in self healing methods, I highly recommend you to attend Stress Free Yoga sessions on a regular basis, in group or private. 

During the transitional phase you will participate in self healing, it will be taught with Relaxation Meditation, Qigong breathing, Techniques of removing negative energy and applying protection. .  

Each treatment begins with individual counseling. The Individual client’s needs will be observed and assessed in neutral respect and professional standards of healer and client relations.


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