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Natural Art of Healing


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Hi Sun thank you. I feel much better. ..... My girlfriend said my eyes look so much better, not tired looking or droopy. The pills work good :-)


★★★★★ I'm so grateful to know Sun, when my little Maltese dog pebbles fell off the bed and dislocated her hip the vet reset the leg into the socket and started heat therapy, my poor baby only got worse Then Sun came by I explained what was happening, my dog unable to walk or go to the bathroom now three days , Sun took my baby and with her healing hands really saved my dogs life. That same night she stood up tried to walk and went to the bathroom within a few days she was getting back to normal and thanks to Sun she's fully recovered. I'm forever grateful to Sun.

Linda R. 

When I first met Sun, I was having a snack and so did not get a chance to talk to her, as I normally try not to talk when my mouth is full. I would later see her giving out free soul hugs to whoever wanted them at the Holistic Faire located at the SMHAS. Since I was preoccupied managing the front desk at the Faire, I was unable to make my way over to her. I knew that I would get talk to her more though; it was all just a matter of waiting until the time came. When I had some spare time, I headed down the hallway because it felt as though someone’s energy was calling me to head over. As I took a few steps forward, I noticed that I was now in front of Sun. 

She had asked me if I would like a soul hug, and I quickly accepted as numerous friends of mine have been praising her work. As we went in for the hug, I immediately felt a large amount of energy flowing through the room. When we finished, Sun then offered for me to have an energy balancing session with her. I felt so much love coming from her as I sat down and let her begin. You could easily tell how compassionate she is about her work. The session felt so uplifting, as if it could easily ground and balance the most unstable people. 

I love to meet people that care about others, and Sun is definitely one of them. I would definitely recommend anyone to meet with her, you won’t be disappointed.

All Love,
Sterling Tran

Sun is a very good healer. She is intelligent, honest, and sincere in her job. 


Gesun Yoo is a very special therapist who is able to treat muscle and joint injuries in a non-invasive and wholistic manner that even the most sensitive sufferer can tolerate. Gesun Yoo was able to treat my aching back after long years of working in hospitals and decades of previous work in heavy industry. My own back felt wonderful even after just one session and I would recommend that anyone who needs help with musculoskeletal pain consult her.  

T. B.

I recently received an energy healing from Gesun.  Before the treatment, I felt a little tense and tired. As she got started, and went deeper, I could literally feel the stress leaving my body.  During the treatment, I felt waves of warmth going up and down.


I could feel this warmth settle in my chest, and when that happened, I knew it was doing a work in my heart. After the treatment was done, I had more energy than I can remember feeling in a long time, and with that energy came an incredibly peaceful feeling. I am thankful for this healing. It is one of the best experiences I have had in a very long time.


-         gz

It was very helpful and made me feel relaxed and centered, focused and inner calm.

Thank you.


I was unsure at first, but once I was in the chair WOW!!

I was tense, after I felt released and free of worry and stress.


I felt release of tension and increase of peace. 

I felt movement of energy throughout my body and relief of pain in knees. 

Thank you Sun.

Caterina Freeman

I don’t know what she did, but I feel so light and feel good.

My mind is more open to my future.

Thank you Sun. Love you.

Hedeko Curcio


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